Local Groms Surfing Program

One of the major aims of our Surf School is to have a very positive social and community impact within our local area. The cornerstone of our community programs to positively affect the youth is our WoW Jokul Program (www.wowjokul.com). Please visit our specifc website for more information and to see how you have the chance to be involved and help us continue and expand this program.

We are running a free Local Groms Surfing Program for children from the local fishing village, Koorikatta, that is located right next to our base. Koorikatta joins the bigger village of Baikampady

dsc_1839-683x1024We love giving them the opportunity to join in our surfing programs and learn to surf. We believe that there will be many positives from this Program. Not only is it allowing them to try a new sport and do something that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to do and become good at, it is keeping them occupied so they don’t get involved in unproductive and destructive behaviours and activities.

We also strongly believe that it can help them open up many more opportunities for the future. Not only are we teaching and progressing them in their surfing, but we are training and creating watermen. We want to open them up to many ocean and surf activities so they can improve their overall dsc_1819-683x1024competency in the surf.

This can potentially lead to new job prospects and new sporting athletic prospects. Potentially it could open up employment as a surf instructor, as a lifeguard or other ocean based activity. It might also enable them to compete in Indian Surfing Contests and possibly if they have the ability and work to realise their full potential maybe even international surfing events.