Group Lessons

dsc_1914-1024x683Our Beginner Group Lessons are an excellent way to get you started surfing

Come and experience the thrill and excitement of surfing in our Beginner Surf Lessons. We offer Beginner Group Surf Lessons on Panambur Beach in Mangalore for all ages from October through until May.

Our group Beginner Group Lessons generally run for 45 minutes. These are perfect for those just starting out and who are happy to surf in a lesson where there could be other people learning as well. If you are after a lesson where you are guaranteed that it is only going to be you or only your group in the lesson then our VIP Lessons might be your best option.

dsc_1926-683x1024Group Beginner Surf Lessons are maintained at a maximum of 8 students per Instructor in the surf to maximise student attention, help, supervision and safety. With all our surfing lessons, your professional surf instructor will get in the water with you to help you learn and progress.

We believe it is the only way to effectively teach students and enable them to learn, understand and improve. The center piece of our learn to surf programs are the step by step demonstrations, explanations and structured lesson plans to have you up and surfing as soon as possible.

You will start your lesson with basic instruction and practice on the beach before heading out into the surf to catch your waves.

All our Beginner Surf Lessons include surf instruction, your soft surfboard and a rash-vest. We use soft boards that are stable, easy to balance, paddle, stand and ride but most importantly are safe to learn on. They all have soft fins, leg ropes and are made from a soft material making your surf lessons not only really enjoyable but very safe as well.

Our Beginner Surf Lessons introduce the student to surfing and begin the learning process of the sport. We are able to cater for all age groups from the very young to those who may have a few extra years up their sleeve but still young at heart and willing and wanting to have a go at something new.

Please remember that our Professional Fully Qualified Surf Instructors have your safety and well being as their number one priority. Please always listen to their instructions and follow what they are saying to you and asking you to do.

Beginner Group Lesson Price  ₹ 1000 500*

* For lessons before 9am, there is a minimum charge of ₹ 1000