Surf Equipment

Walkin’ On Water Mangalore uses only the best Learn to Surf Soft Boards and all boards have a leash attached to them. To maximise safety we use fully soft boards, that have soft fins, soft deck, soft bottom, soft rails and soft core. We believe our boards are the best you can buy on the market.

There are standards and protocols that are internationally recognised and set by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and Surfing Australia, the international governing body of surfing and arguably the national governing body leading the surf school industry and at the forefront of safety and surf school protocols.

We ensure, as with our entire operation, that we surpass the minimum international standards.

We have gone to extreme trouble and expense to ensure that our Surf School has the best soft boards available in the world and all our equipment is maintained in excellent condition.

We also have all of our surfers use one of our colourful red rash shirts while our instructors wear a similar rash shirt in a different colour – generally blue, green or black. For our surfers, not only does it help protect their body from the sun and the surface of the board but it also makes them highly visible.