Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully clear up anything you may need to know. If you still have questions, please email us, phone us or come and see us at the beach!

Where is Walkin’ On Water Mangalore located?

We are based at Panambur Beach just a short distance from the centre of Mangaluru.

dsc_2084-1024x683Who are your lessons suitable for? Is it only young children?

Our lessons are great fun and a fantastic experience for everyone. We teach youngsters from 4 and 5 years old to those in their 70s and 80s. Surfing and learning to surf, experiencing the adrenalin, excitement and fun of riding a wave is for everyone. Our professional, fully qualified surf instructors are trained and ready to teach everyone.

Do we need to be able to swim strongly to learn to surf?dsc_1832-683x1024

We teach in shallow water. Everyone in our beginner lessons will be able to stand. Generally, as instructors, we are in water about waist deep so everyone should be able to comfortably stand. This means that you don’t have to be able to swim to join our lessons. Safety and your well being are always our number one priorities and making sure that you are always safe is our major focus so you can be assured that we will not put you into situations that we might be out of your limit. Please make sure though that you always listen to your instructor and follow all instructions.

dsc_1791-1024x683Is learning to surf dangerous?

Your safety and well being are always our number one priority.

All of our Surf Instructors are fully qualified professional surf instructors. They are all experienced instructors and hold current International Surfing Association (the international governing body of surfing) or Surfing Australia Surf Instructor qualifications. These qualifications set the international standard.

Our Surf School operates to the highest international standards and operates in line with our parent surf school, Australian based Walkin’ On Water Surf School on the Gold Coast.

We use the best learn to surf softboards to maximise your safety with the boards and our equipment. We have a maximum ratio of 8:1 students to instructor in the water in ideal conditions. If we believe conditions are not ideal, we reduce this ratio. All our instructors are professional fully qualified Surf Instructors. We do Venue Analysis before and during each and every lesson and choose the most suitable lesson location dependent upon the level of the surfer(s).

We do everything possible to strive to maximise safety and minimise risk and dangers. Please always remember to listen to and follow all instructions from your Surf Instructor.

What do we learn in Surf Lessons?

We begin our Learn to Surf Lessons with teaching basic movements and techniques on the sand. You will be explained about the board, how to get on the board properly, the correct push up and jump up technique and correct safe dismounting. You will practice the jump up on the sand so you can feel the technique and get used to it on the sand where it is easier to do before we go out into the surf and you get to practice it with the waves pushing you to the beach.

Once we are out in the water, your instructor will continue to teach you and help you with feedback on how you can continue to improve and progress.

In our intermediate and advance lessons, we work on improving and progressing our surfers in their surfing techniques and performance.

Do you still run lessons when there are storms or big waves?

Safety and our students well being is always our number one priority and we have very strict safety protocols.

Before each and every lesson, our instructors do a thorough Venue Analysis to firstly ensure that conditions are suitable and appropriate to run lessons. If it is, the instructor will then choose where the best spot for that class is dependent upon a number of factors including the level of surfer, the waves, the number of other people at the beach and where they are.

During each lesson, the instructor continues to gauge and evaluate conditions to ensure that the selected lesson location remains safe and appropriate to run lessons. If any of the variables have changed, the instructor may change the location, may reduce the number of people in the water or in the worst case scenario may have to cancel and postpone the lesson.

dsc_1824-683x1024If our instructor during the pre lesson Venue Analysis or during the lesson, decides that conditions are not suitable then the instructor will make a decision on what to do, with your safety as the utmost important factor. This may be a change in location, reducing the number of surfers in the water at one time or in the worst case scenario postponing or cancelling the lesson. This sometimes is not ideal for us as a surf school, for the instructor or for our  student surfers but as safety is always the priority, all our decisions are based on maximising everyone’s safety. We apologise in advance if this occurs during a lesson and trust everyone will understand that a decision has been made to ensure each person’s safety is not compromised.

If there are electrical storms, lessons will be immediately cancelled or postponed until such time as the electrical storm, that is a storm where there are lightning strikes and lightning flashes, has passed.

If there are large dangerous waves and a lot of water moving around and we deem that conditions are not ideal, we will either reduce the number of people in the water at any one time or the lesson may be postponed or cancelled depending on the severity of the conditions.

Please be assured that your safety is ALWAYS our PRIORITY and all decisions will always be based on the underlying requirement of maximising your safety and the safety of all our surfers.