Lesson Structure

One of the major components of our lessons and the reason why you can be guaranteed of a professional lesson where you will walk away having had a great time but also learnt a lot and progressed in your skills, knowledge and understanding is due to our Lesson Structure.

We pride ourselves on having well structured lessons that ensure progress and learning and encourage and promote confidence and enjoyment. No matter the level or the ability and the level of lesson being run, your Instructor will always have a lesson plan and structure the lesson to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

This comes from much experience in teaching surfing and surf skills and a passion for ensuring we provide the highest quality surf lessons available.

For beginners, we will always give you basic teaching and instructions on the sand so that you can get your techniques right on the stable sand and build your confidence before we head into the water to try it on waves.

For those more advanced, we will work with you in the water but also don’t be surprised if we head back to the beach to work on some land drills and practice some movements to help your technique in the water.

Whatever your level, you can be assured of our passion for helping you surf better, give you loads of positive encouragement and feedback and have a great time with you in our amazing aquatic playground!