Ability Levels

As with any sports there are levels and abilities. The more someone surfs, the better they become and more they should improve.

Everyone will progress and develop at different speeds and it is our aim to help you improve as quickly as possible.

You can have confidence in knowing that our Walkin’ On Water Mangalore instructors are expertly qualified to help you and give you appropriate specific feedback no matter your
level, whether you are just beginning or you are one of the leading surfers in India. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you surf better!

The beginner level is for someone new to surfing. They are just learning to surf, getting the basics of paddling and standing up with correct technique.

The more advanced beginner is able to paddle onto their own waves and is traversing small whitewater and possibly small green waves.

An early intermediate surfer is able to paddle out the back in small 1-2ft conditions and paddle onto their own green waves, take off with good technique in a single movement jump up/take off and then traverse across the wave to the left and right so both frontside and backside.

A good intermediate surfer is able to paddle out to chest high waves and paddle onto these waves, take off correctly in one movement and surf to both right and left surfing using the whole wave and surfing top to bottom.

A more advanced intermediate surfer is able to perform a good bottom turn with more critical top turns and surfs tighter in chest to head high waves.

After this, more advanced surfers surf with stronger bottom turns with critical tight tops turns, surfs with more variety of manoeuvres and power in bigger and more powerful conditions.